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About Us

The Swingle Clinic specializes in Neurofeedback, an evidence-based, neuro-affirmative approach to teaching children, youth, adults & families how to optimize brain function. The principles of Neurotherapy are simple, the science complex, knowledge critical, involving inter-feedback of the brain’s electrical signals. When conducted by a BCIA certified practitioner, Neurofeedback can have profound and lasting effects on mental health & generalized well-being. When provided within a family-inclusive holistic & bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment plan, the changes for individuals and their families can be paramount.

We provide Neurofeedback & complementary / adjunctive treatments according to the highest professional standards of care. Dr Mari Swingle is registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, listed on the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists, Certified Neurotherapist & Approved Mentor with the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Senior Swingle Clinic Clinicians & Neurotechnical Associates are BCIA certified. All technical staff is further supervised by Dr Swingle according to stringent supervision standards of the College of Psychologists. Note, this is not a legal requirement for Neurofeedback practitioners in British Columbia. Many clinics or brain spas offer one-size fits all Neurofeedback programs without the same standard of training, qualifications  or FDA / HC (Canada) / EMA (Europe) approved equipment.


Sometimes a mental health diagnosis can be an important step in identifying treatments that can significantly reduce harmful symptoms. But at their worst, a diagnosis can be inaccurate, leading to unhelpful and costly treatments that don’t address the problem, or pathologise natural human experiences, which by their nature are diverse.

This is why we take a neuro-affirmative approach at the Swingle Clinic. Our goals are to promote psychological understanding and self-acceptance, and to provide clients with the skills to control their own mental states. We do this within the context of other lifestyle changes and therapeutic interventions that optimize healing, recovery, and quality of life, while honouring the spirit and neurology of the individual.