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Who We Are

We are REGISTERED (College of Psychologists of BC) and CERTIFIED (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance), practitioners who take working with the brain, your brain, with the level of concern and commitment the control center of the body, the mind, your entire person deserves.

We don’t merely stand on the shoulders of giants – we Research, we Write & we Share our findings, we Contribute.

Years in Practice and Experience

We are Scientists, Researchers and Practitioners who have been actively working in research and development advancing the field of Psychoneurophysiology (AKA Neurotherapy) for over 50 years.

Collectively we have over 100 years of experience and have contributed 50+ years of research.

25+ years in Practice. We’ve been around a while for a reason: Our goal is your betterment, and we strive to achieve that. We clearly differentiate between experimental and evidence-based practice. We are on the forefront of the former advancing our practice and treatment modalities, and solidly in the latter supporting what works.

50+ years of research. We’ve been contributing for a reason: At Swingle Clinic we are fully committed to the advancement of the science that supports therapeutic practice. We’ve been around long enough to know what technology / practice works and what just looks or sounds impressive.

We don’t just jump on any band wagon. As an unregulated branch of applied psychology, the field of Neurotherapy is inundated with ‘flash in the pan’ with a lot of publicity, advertisement, and selective ‘research’. We make it our duty to know what treatments and technologies have valid research (and can back their claims) and what is, or has great promise to become, true innovative technological advancement that could change your brain, our world.

Safety and Responsibility. Dr. Mari Swingle sat on the Board of Directors of AAPB from 2017 to 2019 (along with Drs from Harvard and the Head of Pediatrics at The Cleveland Clinic) with the sole mandate of developing practice and equipment proficiency standards for the APA (American Psychological Association). As a result of their efforts Biofeedback and Psychoneurophysiology (the formal term under which Neurofeedback is classified) has been reinstated* and recognized as a specific proficiency in professional psychology for the current period 2019 to 2026. Dr. Mari Swingle’s Practitioner & Equipment Classifications were 1st publicly published in Biofeedback in 2021.

*  Yes, you read ‘reinstated’ correctly. Working with your brain is, and should remain, serious business. The sub-discipline of Biofeedback & Neurotherapy (brain-biofeedback) briefly lost its standing with the APA and had to re-prove itself by providing differentiated (aka highlighting the true scientific as opposed to flashy unsubstantiated) research and clarifying practice standards (people & equipment). Click the following link to access an article outlining Dr Mari Swingle’s 3-Tiered Practice and Equipment Standards on which the APA’s reinstatement was in-part based. 

Other articles can be access through the following link

At Swingle Clinic Your Brain is in Qualified Hands. Our Supervisory staff hold primary Doctorate degrees in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Medicine.


  • Our Assistants / Neurotechnical Staff are all BCIA Certified
  • Our Technicians all are all highly supervised providing individualized training
  • Over 25 years in practice
  • Over 50 collective degrees and certifications
  • Over 100 years of collective experience
  • Over 100 original research documents: published papers, books and peer reviewed presentations
  • 100% data driven & 1000’s of happy clients