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Headaches & Migraines - Quick Facts

  • All head pain is not all the same and neither should be the treatment.
  • Migraines are much more common in females than males.
  • Some migraines & seizure disorders involve the same specific brainwave deficiency and can respond to the same treatment.

Headaches and Migraines can be debilitating, and there is a lot we don’t (yet) understand about pain that is felt within the head, or perceived as being in the brain, itself. Head pain can range from minor to major, as can the causes. Some denote simple brain / body deregulation and are related to body tension, excessive stress, the need for hydration, food or sleep, etc. Others are purely neurological. Some are hormonally driven, wherein the endocrine system is heavily implicated. Most involve complex messaging symptoms denoting a lack of brain-body homeostasis.

It is most important that medical causes (such as post-concussion brain bleeding, tumors, etc.) are ruled out. Thereafter, we explore cause and contribution closely examining the balance of the brain (via the EEG), the body, and the contribution of dysfunction in little-known systems such as the cerebral spinal fluid circulatory system. We then construct a completely individualized treatment plan that may involve EEG training only, or EEG training and adjunctive treatment(s) such as CST, HRV, and / or lifestyle-life quality interventions.

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