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Rare Conditions & Experimental Practice - Quick Facts

  • Experimental practice forms the foundation of evidence-based practice.
  • Without experimental you will never get ‘evidence’.
  • Experimental practice should not be ‘unsafe’ practice. Although EEG based modalities are now more widely known and practiced, there remains a dearth of responsible experimental practice. Many conditions are underserved and many individuals who can’t get help for less common or lesser-known ailments often take unwarranted risk. “it is important for the public to be accurately informed and discriminating when selecting their care.” ISNR (International Society for Neuroregulation & Research – formerly International Society for Neurofeedback & Research)

Everything we do is rigorously controlled and data driven.

We are a research-based practice dedicated to the advancement of EEG based therapies / training and the science that underlies it. Starting in the late 1990’s the Swingle Clinic solidified its reputation based upon successful outcomes with clients who had run out of options: Individuals & families who had otherwise not found resolution or symptom change with standard Western medicine or ‘alternative’ modalities. We still work with many such clients, clearly outlining when treatment / training is purely experimental and ensuring individuals are accurately informed; with a clear understanding of available options, as well as the balance of risk to potential benefit.